Paper has always been the original and the go-to for documentation and storing information. And while it has its benefits yet it is difficult to store, requiring a lot of physical space, time consuming when looking for specific papers and can be easily damaged, lost or misplaced and can’t be restored once there’s no more copies.

But with Covid-19 and technology changes, the most notable switch is turning everything paperless.

Dental offices and clinics uses a significant amount of paper, which has an adverse impact on the environment. Technology continues to find alternatives for many traditional operations. In this blog, we will talk about each dental and administrative section and its technology advances.

To become a paperless clinic, all information and systems are stored electronically on a computer network and managed by one or more software applications. Administration and treatment data can be stored and managed by a dental management systems. Most systems also offer the ability to collect and view clinical information in the form of an electric chart effectively replacing paper charts.

What are some changes that can be done to become a paperless clinic?

  1. Consent forms and claim forms: Patients value convenience tools more than ever, no one wants to fill a form on a piece of paper anymore. Replace physical consent forms and claim forms with electronic versions that can be filled out and signed digitally.
  2. Medical records: Transition from paper-based medical records to electronic medical records (EMRs) systems to store patient information and history digitally.
  3. Prescriptions: Implement electronic prescription systems to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies, reducing the need for paper prescriptions and reducing human errors.
  4. Invoices and Payment Records: Utilize digital invoicing and payment processing systems to handle invoices and keep records of payments electronically.
  5. Appointment Scheduling: Use online appointment scheduling software or platforms to allow patients to book appointments digitally, reducing the need for physical appointment books or schedules and making the process faster.
  6. Treatment and Visit Notes: Replace handwritten or printed treatment and visit notes with digital note-taking systems or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software to record and store patient information.
  7. Dashboard and Reports: Implement digital dashboards and reporting tools to monitor clinic performance, patient data, and other relevant metrics, reducing the reliance on paper reports and charts.

By making these changes, you can reduce the reliance on paper in your clinic, improve efficiency, save on printing costs, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly and organized practice.

When considering the transition, you may have various concerns such as:

  1. Data Security: Worrying about the security of patient data includes concerns about data breaches, or cyber attacks. One way is to have your data stored in cloud and invest in cybersecurity measures.
  2. Compliance and Legal Issues: Worries about the legal implications of data mishandling or privacy breaches. Consult with legal and compliance experts to ensure adherence to healthcare regulations.
  3. Costs: Concerns about the initial costs of implementing electronic systems and ongoing expenses for software, hardware and IT support. Create a budget that accounts for both and consider the long-term cost savings associated with going paperless, such as reduced printing and storage costs.
  4. Compatibility and Integration: Concerns about whether digital systems will be compatible with existing software or equipment. The solution is to prioritize software and systems that are designed to be compatible and easily integrated and always ask beforehand to avoid any miscommunication.

How can Balsam Medico help you in becoming a paperless dental clinic?

We at Balsam Medico prioritize efficiency and optimization in all aspects of patient services. Our modern solution leverages the power of cloud computing, automation and seamless integration to streamline appointment scheduling, digitize patient records, automate billing and claims processing and improve communication with patients. Our solution is integrated with the biggest systems in UAE, including eClaimLink, and NABIDH. We can also integrate with digital radiography systems, intra-oral cameras or digital cameras.

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